Concerns / Complaints

We recognise that orthodontic treatment has many things “going on”. Things that are new, maybe different, for Patients. So at Accessible Orthodontics we do not assume you are familiar with them: a lot of effort goes into making sure you have useful information, aimed at helping you know what to expect, what is going on and what you need to do. Although we share written information with everyone becoming a Patient we know that sometimes it gets misplaced. Or it is not with you when you want to refer to it.
This area can help fix that – just open the Heading that is important to you


After many years of providing high quality treatment for our Patients we know there are many Questions which come up at different times.

Most of them have become so frequent we have a specific set of Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) here on our website. It is broken into obvious Sections, for ease of use. You might find your Answer there FAQ’s

Otherwise, if your Question relates to something going on during your Treatment you may find you already have or have come across that information. For example, in our New Patient Information Booklet or Fixed Braces Information Booklet

They both include useful tips on many things, including if you have a breakage, or best oral hygiene, or ensuring you keep your Appointments (among others).


Should you have a concern please know that we really want to help you settle it. Quickly and happily. Please, first, take a moment to check the reference materials under the “Questions” Heading, above.

If your concern is not covered there please accept our recommendation to write it down and then make sure you ask our Team to discuss it with you at your next Appointment.

Of course if the concern is about keeping your next Appointment then feel free to call our Practice. The Receptionist will be happy to discuss it with you.


There may be times when YOU consider that we have done or not done something that is affecting you in a way which is not appropriate or suitable. In that case it is our true wish that you raise it with us – whether or not you would call it a Complaint as such this area is designed to help you raise it with us.

What we wish to do, then, is follow our Policy and Procedures so that your points get discussed and addressed. You will find that we will show respect for your point of view. You will also find that we will do everything we reasonably can to ensure the information relating to your points is made available. After that, to identify and act on an agreed solution.

At all stages there will be transparency by us. The starting point for that is what our Policy says. We believe that it will be useful here for you to know what that document says. Please now take the short time needed to read it. THEN feel free to make your choice of the alternative next steps which follow.