Govt Regulators

There are a number of Organizations which regulate the way our Industry provides services to our Patients. Their focus, like ours, is to ensure that all aspects of the Patient Journey consistently meet the high professional standards which are expected. In some circumstances those Bodies can be an information resource for Patients. At other times we have had the benefit of their guidance as well, in order to keep firmly to best practice performance. For your interest and information we include a summary of what those Bodies do that affects our activities.

cgc (clinical commissioning group)

The Body which oversees the activities of NHS service providers on a regional basis. It ensures that the Practices, like ours, with a contract to look after NHS Patients do so within the various applicable Guidelines. The Practice has direct communications with it via the Local Area Team (“L.A.T.”). It cross-refers to the CQC and the GDC when deciding who will get/keep a contract to treat NHS Patients.

It is the LAT, for example, which will undertake periodic physical inspections of the Practice and provide feedback and recommendations, as needed.


THE CGC WEBSITE                                   SUMMARY – LAST INSPECTION REPORT

gdc (general dental council)
The Body which ensures all Dental Care Professionals (“DCP”) remain up-to-date in their professional knowledge and skills. It licenses each DCP – for only a year at a time. Any complaints regarding short-comings in professional performance of a DCP are considered and dealt with by the GDC.

The contributions of the GDC to members maintaining a high level of professionalism include the publication of various Guidelines (which are reflected in our internal documentation and training). Regular training of our Team includes focus on these important areas of providing our services to our Patients.



ico (informaton commissoner's office)
The Body responsible for ensuring that organizations which are registered with it comply at all times with obligations placed on them by the Data Protection laws.

The Practice receives and holds some information regarding Patients, as an essential part of delivering its services. We take the protection of that information, on behalf of our Patients, very seriously and ensure that systems are in place to avoid breaching the Law (and your confidence in us). Our Team undertake very regular training in this area.
Our Registration Number is Z3088945

IMPORTANT – we collect and retain (in a secure manner) certain information about you, as a Patient. Under the Data Protection Act all Patients have a right to make a written request to see &/or receive a copy of that Information Our Policy – Data Protection


THE ICO WEBSITE                                   ICO PUBLIC REGISTER