Key Policies

The Practice has adopted a wide range of Policies (and related Procedures) which provide a framework for appropriate practices and behaviours, consistently, by everyone in our Team.

One particular set of documents form what we call our Key Policies. They provide the basis for behaviours which we consider absolutely essential. That is, ones which create a Practice environment – for Patients and Team – which is respectful, safe and places high value on the health and well-being of everyone. We consider them important enough to be displayed prominently in the Practice premises. They are included here too, for you to read. They are reviewed annually (the Review Dates are included on the displayed versions).

Of course they are only a few of the Policies and Procedures in place so that our focus – ensuring Patients receive the best attention possible – is maintained. That is achieved, also, with the use of suitable external suppliers. For example, we have many Service Agreements in place to ensure that the equipment used is maintained regularly and performs properly, always. As well, we use quality Contractors to oversee our fire-related equipment, dispose of our Waste properly and lawfully and to oversee and give guidance on all aspects of Health, Safety and Employment laws.

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statement – cleanliness *
infection control

disability policy

quality assurance policy

complaints policy

fire evacuation

statement of service

child & vulnerable adult policy

health & safety policy