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Treatment Solutions

Teeth Whitening

The Finishing Touch for Your New Smile.

Elevate the brilliance of your new straight teeth and fantastic smile with the perfect finishing touch—Teeth Whitening. Administered by our specialist, this simple and safe process will have your teeth looking brilliantly radiant.

As you approach the conclusion of your treatment, feel free to discuss teeth whitening options with Dr. Orolloga or our dedicated team.

Oral Health

Maintaining excellent Oral Hygiene during your Orthodontic Treatment, will ensure your teeth and smile look their absolute best when you have finished. This is true for both fixed braces and removable aligners.

Our Patients enjoy excellent results with the Vitis range of Orthodontic Oral Health products. We will provide you with a complimentary cleaning pack at the start of your Treatment. You can purchase replacement products from our Reception Team at any time.

The videos here show you, in great detail, how to use these products and take the best care of your oral hygiene throughout your Treatment.

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Contact us to learn more about teeth whitening and the repayment options we offer.

Google Reviews

  • "My daughter and I have both been customers of Accessible Orthodontics over the past 3 years under the care of Nestor. My daughter had braces and I had Invisalign to give us the teeth we wanted! We have had fantastic service the entire time. From the friendly and helpful reception staff through to the great dental team. Nothing is ever too much trouble. I would highly recommend."

    - Sallyan Barnard
  • "I appreciate so much that in Accessible Orthodontics I was able to continue my braces treatment. Dr. Nestor Orolloga is a great specialist! I am very happy with the result. My teeth and smile look stunning. Thank you so much to the whole team for being attentive, kind, and professional. Highly recommended!"

    - Inna Sopronchuk
  • "Prior to having braces I was extremely anxious and embarrassed to show a smile, however after I had come here and spoke with the team. They managed to help me get braces a happy smile and most importantly make me feel comfortable to smile again. I highly recommend as they are extremely helpful and amazing and what they do here!"

    - Alfie Cripps
  • "The entire length of my treatment went incredibly smoothly and I have the most incredible results that I’m beyond impressed with, and I give my thanks to the talented team of orthodontists for improving my quality of life. Everyone here is so polite and I have had zero issues throughout my entire treatment, their guidance was respectful and not invasive. I highly recommend choosing Accessible Orthodontist for your treatment."

    - Kaylyn Wastie
  • "The staff are very friendly. Always ready to help, very accommodating and respectful. Very professional.Highly skilled. Excellent outcome. My daughter's teeth look fabulous now. Great job! Thank you very much."

    - Rosalie Maneclang
  • "We have had a wonderful experience with both our children. Their teeth look amazing and all the staff have been so accommodating and professional. They are both so happy with the results and we couldn't be more grateful!"

    - Kirstie Bray
  • "My teeth and bite were previously very uneven, however after receiving this dentist’s treatment my teeth are in a perfect arch and my smile is much nicer! The staff are lovely and my treatment took far less time than I thought it would - thank you so much!"

    - Caoimhe Burden
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