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When you have orthodontic Treatment it is for one or more reasons, namely: crowded teeth; crooked teeth; poorly aligned bite; appearance of your smile.
Nevertheless, the general outcome aimed for is the movement and re-alignment of your teeth.

That outcome will use an appliance – usually (but not always) brackets fixed to the teeth – which are joined with wires. The wires are “stretched” so they exert a pull on the teeth, through the bracket. The direction of the pull is decided by the Treatment Plan especially designed for you.

At each regular appointment the wires are checked and the “pull” changed, to continue the journey to the final outcome Braces on Video

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NHS Patients

At each of our Practice locations we are pleased to be able to provide NHS Orthodontic Treatment to our Patients. Our long standing and successful relationship with the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s – formerly PCT’s), of which we are very proud, ensures that we can continue to provide this important Treatment option.

An initial assessment covered by the NHS is available to any child under 18 years of age. Please note that Orthodontic Treatment under the NHS is not available to adults at our Practices.

At the initial consultation your child is assessed to determine if they meet the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN). This is the standard national measure for NHS eligibility of Orthodontic Treatment.

If your child meets the accepted IOTN score then a full course of Orthodontic Treatment – usually consisting of fixed braces followed by retainers – will be covered fully, under the NHS.

Orthodontics for Children is an effective, proven and safe way to permanently straighten their teeth. Providing children with Orthodontic Treatment at an early age can help to ensure easy maintenance oral hygiene as well as significantly reducing the risk of future dental and Orthodontic complications. Just as importantly, Orthodontic Treatment will provide them with a fantastic and confident smile in their teenage years and beyond.

Most children who undertake Orthodontic Treatment will commence somewhere between the ages of 11 – 14, usually once all their permanent teeth have come through. Of course this can vary in some cases. Most NHS Patients are referred by their treating Dentist; however we are always happy for you to contact us directly to arrange a consultation for your child.

It is worth noting that 35-40% of all children assessed across the UK do not meet the IOTN assessment criteria. That means they would not qualify for NHS Treatment. This is an ‘all or nothing’ outcome. Either a child does qualify fully or does not qualify at all. There is no scope for part payment or part NHS funding for Orthodontic Treatment, as opposed to which you may be accustomed to with your General Dentist.

Children and teenagers who do not qualify for NHS Treatment will often enjoy clinical benefits from Orthodontic Treatment and would undertake this privately. In this case your treating Clinician and our Treatment Coordinator will provide you with appropriate information on the choices you have.


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Private Patients

Almost all adult Patients we talk to before they start Treatment tell us of years of hiding their smile, stifling a laugh or covering up at photos because they are not happy with the appearance of their teeth. We know that Orthodontic Treatment can make an enormous difference to you, your appearance and your confidence. We know that we can help make that difference. The most common feedback from our Patients once they have started Treatment is that they wished they had not waited so long! Contact us today. What are you waiting for?

Orthodontic Treatment for adults is an effective, proven and safe way to permanently straighten your teeth and align your bite. Our adult Patients (and some of our younger Patients) will always undertake Orthodontic Treatment privately. Private Orthodontic Treatment (in addition to the significant clinical and aesthetic benefits), also offers you with great choice. You can choose a range of different Treatment methods – including invisible techniques like Incognito or Invisalign. You can choose a payment plan that works best for you. You can choose when you start your Treatment. You can choose how you arrange your first consultation; through your dentist or via our website and you can even choose from a range of different appointment times during the week.

Your Clinician will discuss your Treatment options with you but also consider your Treatment wishes – what you want the outcome to be and how you want to go about achieving that…“We treat you as the individual you are”.

In seeking an Orthodontic assessment, adult Patients often feel they are being vain. Their perception is that they have minor issues that they have put up with for most of their lives so why bother trying to change it now? In actual fact, once we meet them and conduct an assessment we quickly discover many suffer from significant Orthodontic problems. A poorly aligned bite, irregularities of the jaw, severe crowding or spaces left from old dental work are common maladies.

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