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Treatment Options

In the last 10- 15 years, Orthodontic Treatment for adults has become widely acknowledged as one of the best methods to safely and permanently straighten and aligning your teeth and bite. Advances in Orthodontic treatment techniques now offer you a number of invisible or less visible treatment options to chose from. Your Clinician will discuss your treatment options with you but also consider your treatment wishes – what you want the outcome to be and how you want to go about getting there… “We treat you as the individual you are”.

incognito lingual braces

Incognito lingual braces are the fastest growing Orthodontic treatment option in the UK. Incognito braces involve straightening your teeth by using a custom-made, cast gold appliance, fixed to the back of your teeth. Incognito Braces are completely invisible. No one will be able to tell you are having Orthodontic treatment. Treatment times with this technique can also be a little faster with some simple treatment cases finished in 9-12 months. The mechanics associated with this technique also allow for very precise finishing of treatment. Dr Orolloga (Oxford & Thame) is a qualified, certified and registered Platinum Provider of Incognito treatment. He is one of the most eminently qualified Incognito practitioners in the UK and has very recently been accepted onto the Incognito “Masters in Lingual Orthodontics” Course.

Registered Platinum Provider – A highly experience Incogniton Brace provider

“Dr Nestor Orolloga – Masters in Lingual Orthodontics and on of the leading UK Incognito providers”


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invisalign aligners

Invisalign was the first clear aligner system and continues to be the market leader in this method of Orthodontic treatment. Invisalign involves straightening your teeth with a set (or series) of removable, clear, custom made aligners that fit over the top of your teeth. Invisalign treatment is Invisible, Removable, Simple and Comfortable. Your treating clinician will easily determine whether Invisalign is a suitable treatment options for you during your initial consultation and then again during a review of your digital treatment plan (Clincheck). Dr. Davey, Dr Ali & Dr Orolloga are qualified, certified and registered Silver Providers of Invisalign treatment. Dr Ali is our resident ‘Invisalign expert’ and is always keen to tackle more challenging cases with Invisalign.

Invalsign Silver Provider


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creamic (tooth coloured) braces

Ceramic braces are a very popular treatment option for both adults and children. Why wear Metal Braces if you don’t have to? Ceramic Braces involve tooth coloured brackets and ceramic wires being fixed to your teeth. The clear, small brackets and wires let your natural tooth colour show through. They are more subtle than metallic braces and provide the same Orthodontic outcomes. Because they are virtually invisible, people are looking at your smile, not your braces. We use the Clarity Ice Brackets with all of our Clinicians having had significant experience and success with this system.


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metallic braces

Some adults and all children under the NHS will use a metallic brace when undertaking Orthodontic treatment. Metallic Braces involve metal grey brackets and metal wires being fixed to your teeth. For adult patients this provides a cost effective treatment option while still ensuring an excellent result. For our children under the NHS it provides a robust brace to help achieve their perfect smile.

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appliances and retainers

In some cases a removable functional appliance may be used to commence Orthodontic treatment before your brace is fitted. This a less common approach but one that is occasionally used to quickly achieve the first phase of your treatment before braces are then fitted to complete the treatment.

All patients who have their teeth and jaws realigned with braces of any type will need to wear retainers when the brace is removed. Retainers are clear, removable and comfortable devices that fit over the top of your teeth. Retainers are inserted to ensure your teeth don’t risk moving (very quickly) back to their old position. As the name suggests, retainers hold your teeth – and help to ‘lock’ them – in their new position. This is a critical and necessary component of everyone’s treatment.


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